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Chevron B12 Repco V8 - ex John Woolfe


For sale


is this unique 1968 Chevron B12 sports prototype

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This one-off car was built in 1968 for John Woolfe. John Woolfe is well known for racing sports cars and had his own racing team called John Woolfe Racing.


Together with his business partner Arnold Burton he ordered a rolling chassis from Chevron. The B12 was designed for a Repco F1 engine. The idea was to race the car at national events as well as the 24 hours of Le Mans and international competitions.


The car made its debut on 6th May 1968 at Silverstone showing its potential with a victory and breaking the outright lap record. The car beat competitors like the Lola T70 Mk III GT of Sidney Taylor. Following were a string of wins in British club races. At Watkins Glen John Woolfe was supported by the great sports car racer David Piper. Together they reached a respectable 10th place in qualification. Before that event John Woolfe and Derek Bennett achieved a solid 8th place at the Anderstorp circuit in Sweden.


The car was also entered at Le Mans in 1968. Unfortunately, the team had to retire after 2 hours due to a blown head gasket. According to John Woolfe’s co-driver Digby Martland the car was very quick beating the Ford GT40 on several occasions.
Tragically John Woolfe was killed in the first lap of the 1969 Le Mans race racing a Porsche 917 together with works driver Herbert Linge.


In 1970 the car was raced by Alistair Cowin at the RAC Thruxton event and the 1000 km of Brands Hatch.


In 1972 the car was taken to Nürburgring Interserie race by Detlef Vanselow to its last race.


In 2007 the car was bought by its current owner and restored to concourse condition. During the restoration process, an original Repco F1 engine was acquired in America to complete the car to its former glory. The restoration process is documented throughout with pictures.



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The car was ordered by John Woolfe in 1968. A few years later, the car was sold to the Paul Watson Race Organisation. The third owner was Detlef Vanselow who acquired the car around 1972. The ownership history from 1972 to 1974 is not documented. In 1974 the car was sold to the brother of Detlef Vanselow. In 1975 the car was bought by the former Head of Porsche’s Customer Racing Department. He kept the car for 31 years until 2007. In 2007 the car was bought by its current owner, who fully restored the car until 2011.

06.05.1968 Silverstone - driver John Woolfe - 1st place

19.05.1968 Croft - driver John Woolfe - 1st place

16.06.1968 Anderstorp - driver John Woolfe - 8th place

14.07.1968 Watkins Glen - driver John Woolfe/David Piper - DNF

11.08.1968 GP Sverige - driver John Woolfe - 8th place

29.09.1968 Le Mans - driver John Woolfe/Digby Martland - DNF

30.03.1970 RAC Thruxton - driver Alistair Cowin - DNF

12.04.1970 1000 KM Brands Hatch - driver Alistair Cowin/Wilson - DNA

03.04.1972 Interserie Nürburgring - driver Detlef Vanselow - DNF



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Engine: Repco F1 engine

Fuel injection: Lucas

Transmission: Hewland DG 300

Rolling chassis: Chevron prototype

Brakes: Girling 3 pot callipers with ventilated discs

Wheels: Brabham magnesium wheels

Further Information

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